petak, 28. lipnja 2013.

Missed movies

I found great list of good movies for last three year. In that time I didn`t have time for breathing, so I am little bit out of everything...

So, the list of the movies that you should watch in last three years is:


četvrtak, 27. lipnja 2013.


Two young boys are really big inspiration to me. (funny fraze, isn`t it?)

The first one is Maxim Šimić. Natural born killer, but still young and wild (he had a great blog whit nasty drawings and film critics, but where is it know, I do not know?)

Second one is Tonci Zonjic. You have a blog here. Great, great artist.

About "old boys" ... well it`s subject for another time.

utorak, 11. lipnja 2013.


Kad smo već kod košarke ovih dana...

Kaže Jordan, Draženu - Zabit ću ti kroz oči - i zabije.
Kaže Petro njemu - Zabit ću ja i tebi - i zabije.

petak, 7. lipnja 2013.


Twenty years have passed in a second, but laugh is still here.
And music.
Dražen Petrović 1993 - 2013

srijeda, 5. lipnja 2013.

Danijel Žeželj SOPHIA

Yesterday, for the first time I have read Danijel Žeželj book SOPHIA.
Visually he`s  the strongest "manuscript" I have ever seen. 

I was always fascinated watched at Danijels pages, but never read a word.

So, in short, fuck me stupid, because I was so blind, not to try to read all his books.

Danijel cooperation with Darko Macan in "Ples smrti" (I don`t know english title, but it`s Captain Amerika series) is also one of my top 10 books.

I have pleasure to meet Danijel, and what can I say, except
big, quiet and careful artist.

PS now I have a problem, I have to read few stuff from Allan Moore, to have full opinion, but I don`t think it would be the same result as whit Danijel